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Why use Ascending Imagery.

Ascending Imagery was born from a passion for technology and photography. It’s driven by a desire to help businesses embrace and thrive in a technology-fuelled future, to provide practical and creative solutions to problems, and to mitigate human risk in hazardous environments.


Ascending Imagery is a WA-based drone photography business offering high resolution aerial imagery, mapping, modelling and data acquisition services, specialising in industrial and agricultural applications. Utilising our comprehensive knowledge of and experience in the safety and maintenance of military and offshore oil and gas operations, Ascending Imagery offers you unprecedented visual access and unlocks data that will change the way you do business.


All of the Ascending Imagery operators are professionally trained by RPAS, an industry leading training provider.

All flights are properly risk assessed and logged using Drone Complier, the  industry standard enterprise management software, developed by the same company that produced the CASA “Can I fly there” app.

“I see so many applications for drone photography, particularly in industrial settings, that would mitigate risk and human exposure to hazardous environments and improve bottom line efficiencies.” – Marty Price, Owner and Chief Pilot

Ascending Imagery has bridged the gap in the Australian market by offering problem-solving creativity and technical know-how paired with practical, hands-on industry experience forged in a career in the oil and gas, asset management and defense sectors.

About us