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Aerial drone photography is one of the most exciting and versatile technologies to come along in recent years.

The commercial and industrial applications are vast – especially when your Ascending Imagery pilot has more than 20 years of experience in technical, safety and maintenance roles in heavy industrial facilities, maritime environments and military installations around the globe.

Agriculture, Horticulture and Viticulture

Wouldn’t everything be so much easier if you could just view and compare the state of an entire property at once? With aerial drone photography, you will get real time visual data when you need it. Now you can:

  • Capture your seasonal NDVI images for your Precision Agriculture-enabled equipment
  • Plan your zones and variable rate (VR) feeding application with up-to-date data
  • Assess field and paddock conditions, including plant cover and erosion.


Even the most experienced construction experts, engineers and developers can benefit from a new perspective. Taking a high and holistic view means you can:

  • Monitor and assess progress with aerial Orthomosaic imagery
  • Use aerial visuals to effectively manage equipment movements and resources
  • Track and demonstrate progress through aerial time-lapse photography.

Insurance and Emergency

When something goes wrong, you need to get as much information as possible, but capturing the broader picture is difficult. Especially if the immediate environment is not easy or safe to navigate. In the air, however, a drone can give you a view from any vantage point in complete safety.

  • Get detailed views of structural damage without entering affected buildings
  • Have a high-resolution overall visual record of all damage to an insured asset
  • Assess hazardous environments – such as bushfires, chemical spills and floods – with live video from a safe distance.

Oil and Gas

Staff already face enough danger simply from working in the oil and gas industries. A drone can remove them from unnecessary exposure to hazards while collecting point inspection data. A simple tower inspection that would take 3 rope access workers a full day to complete, can be completed by drone in as little as 3 hours with no human exposure. We can also:

  • Conduct your inspections at a safe distance
  • Deploy aerial asset inspections to keep feet on the ground and reduce your downtime
  • Enable you to plan your asset maintenance with the help of a 2D or 3D model.


Heavy equipment, massive tonnages, hostile weather and remote environments – mining is an industry where risk management is paramount. Aerial drones allow you to keep people at a safe distance as much as possible. Able to easily go where rope-access workers can only clamber slowly and carefully, our drones can really speed things up – and do it safely.

  • Keep staff safely on the ground
  • Get a higher and more responsive view with high-resolution live video
  • Plan your asset maintenance with the help of a 2D or 3D model.


When compiling environmental impact reports and collecting image data for environmentally sensitive areas, minimising ecological footprint is everything. With the virtually-zero-impact access an aerial imaging drone gives you, you essentially remove direct human interference to flora and fauna entirely. You can:

  • Track contamination levels in unsafe areas
  • Construct “long view” time-lapse imagery to track slow processes like erosion and reforestation
  • Raise awareness of your environmental attractions with aerial imagery.

Defence and Government

Defence and other government bodies have unique needs and a great deal of large equipment that requires maintenance and inspection. Aerial drone photography gives the capacity to inspect remote installations and vertical structures without the need for rope access, cranes or articulated booms. It also means organisations can:

  • Plan maintenance through high-definition visual imaging
  • Utilise thermal imaging to identify defects or potential problems in assets
  • Survey infrastructure remotely and identify areas that require onsite attendance.

Tourism & Events

Promote your attractions and events with breathtaking, cinematic high-resolution aerial imagery. Tourist attractions often only take on their true scope and scale from the air. Build cinematic promotional material that gives visitors a true perspective on all you have to offer quickly. We can:

  • Capture the full vertigo-verticality of attractions like viewing towers and waterfalls
  • Cover a lot of ground quickly in orientation videos for theme parks and golf courses
  • Showcase the full grandeur of Australia’s colossal landscapes.

Real Estate

Give your prospective buyers and investors visuals that live up to their hopes and dreams. Give your structural engineers and tradespeople the visuals they need to make informed decisions faster. A bird’s eye view of your property and its surroundings is the classic location-location-location hype turned into a tangible sales asset.

  • Make the advertising for your commercial or residential site stand out with aerial images
  • Safely and efficiently conduct pre-purchase roof inspections
  • Give interested parties a better perspective of the neighbourhood.

Contact Ascending Imagery today to find out more about the industries we serve.

Aerial drone photography has even more applications than we can cover in this page.