Drone Photography Services - Ascending Imagery
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Drone Photography Services

Breathtaking marketing shots – yes.

Precise asset inspections – yes.

Risk surveillance – yes.

Land management – yes.

Aerial drone photography and videography gives you the ability to take a high-definition view of any thing from any angle with virtually zero risk or environmental impact.

If there’s something you need to go and see, an aerial drone can probably do it faster, cheaper and better than any other way.

The commercial, promotional and industrial applications are endless and overlapping. Ascending Imagery also offers you more more than just fancy flying equipment. Our pilots are deeply experienced and widely certified in operational environments where safety, protocol and technical understanding are of utmost importance, including:

  • Resources
  • Industrial
  • Maritime
  • Defence
  • Hazardous areas.

With Ascending Imagery, you’re working with experienced operators.

With aerial imagery you can integrate on-demand high-resolution imaging into your project or asset management practices for even the most hazardous environments, all without putting any staff at risk.

The applications for high-resolution aerial imagery are ever-increasing. As the technology behind unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) advances, the ways aerial image capture and data acquisition can be leveraged grow in kind.

Taking to the skies allows you to monitor geographically dispersed assets in a smarter and more efficient way. Geotagged aerial imagery expedites your asset management regime.

A photography drone can give you real-world mapping of even the most rugged terrain and then look deeper to reveal hydrology, agricultural health and even nitrogen saturation.

Call Ascending Imagery to discuss your unique requirements and we’ll work together to find the solution your operations need.