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Aerial Photography & Video

Seeing a whole site at a glance is a powerful thing, and a camera drone lets you do it.

Site maps and plans are drawn either from directly above or from high-angle elevations. Aerial drone imaging gives you live, in-the-field vision from exactly the same points-of-view. It is often the only way you can directly compare what’s been envisioned and what currently exists.

Even though this sort of high-level view was technically possible in the past – through camera masts, temporary towers and aircraft flyovers – it was rarely feasible. Drones have changed everything.

Today, easily accessible aerial photography means you can optimise your site visits, enhance your project management and remove risk from infrastructure inspections.

If there’s something you need to go and see, trust an aerial drone to do it faster, cheaper and better.

Versatile vision

Because vision, perspective and transparency are central to project management, new business applications for drone imaging are being found everyday. Companies and organisations already rely on drones for:

  • Inspections in hazardous industrial locations
  • Crop and livestock monitoring
  • Weddings and Events
  • Marketing photography in real estate and tourism.

Call Ascending Imagery to find out how aerial imaging will aid your business.