Data Collection - Ascending Imagery
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Data Collection

The unique capability of aerial drones to give precision access to almost any environment, makes them perfect platforms for data collection.

With virtually zero environmental impact and operational risk, an Ascending Imagery drone can optimise your data collection routines.

Our drones are also operated by pilots who have deep, real-world experience working in mining, petrochemical, maritime and military operating environments where adherence to protocols and grasp of technical issues is crucial.

Drones in the field

Taking to the skies allows you to monitor geographically dispersed assets in a smarter and more efficient way.


Geotagged aerial imagery also expedites your asset management regime. Accurate, high-resolution imagery in your work packs allows you to plan site maintenance in advance.


The result for you, no surprises or budget blowouts because you’ve been able to see more from day one.

Find out more about how an aerial drone can meet your data collection needs. Call Ascending Imagery today.