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Monitoring & Reporting

Aerial drone imagery, photography and video means you can send a remote unit onsite to get real, in-the-field vision at any coordinates, from any elevation  – all with virtually zero risk. For for infrastructure, plant and equipment monitoring, it’s a godsend.

Unlike manual inspection which requires a ropes crew working in dangerous conditions for hours, a drone can quickly fly and hover wherever it needs to be.

When in its precise position, it can take high-definition photos, time-lapse imagery or live video of any aspect of your operating equipment, plant or infrastructure.

Zero human risk, big operational benefits

Drones mean you can get field reports faster without putting anyone at risk. They mean you are plugged into a source of accurate site information to use in planning and forecasting.


Aerial photography even gives you the ability to inspect remote, high or hazardous structures – such as mine shafts, electrical pylons and dam walls –  without exposing access crews to risk.

Talk to Ascending Imagery to learn how to do your monitoring and reporting faster, safer and more efficiently.