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Survey & Mapping

With the ability to take a high-definition view of anything from any angle, a photography drone is the perfect tool for mapping and aerial surveying.

Faster and more cost-effective than traditional ground-based techniques, aerial imagery is already widely used in surveying for the resources sector, agriculture, in heavy industry and in rugged terrain.

Surveying and Mapping

As good as conventional mapping and surveying are, they still rely on ground measures and  extrapolation. High-definition aerial imaging is not a projection – it’s the fact.


A drone can give you elevation maps, dynamic hydrological surveys and even detect pest and weed incursion across landscapes.


Looking deeper, we can reveal crop areas and make volume measurements. We can even map nitrogen and water saturation. We offer customised solutions in 2D and 3D orthomosaic and photogrammetry modelling.

Call Ascending Imagery to discuss your mapping and surveying needs and we’ll work together to find a solution.